Sell Coins

The number one question I get on Couch Collectibles YouTube channel is how to sell your coins. Here are my 5 steps to selling coins.

1. Gain knowledge through research about which coins you actually have. Is it a high graded coin? or a low mintage coin? Maybe you have silver coins or even a mint error coin. Find out what you have first. I provided many videos on Couch Collectibles YouTube Channel about which coins to look for.

2. Once you have found out what you have then go to eBay, search for a coin similar to yours and click on sold listings. You will be able to see what similar coins have sold for in past auctions. 

3. Be careful! If a coin is graded, it is typically going to sell for more. So if you find that similar coins have sold for hundreds of dollars, it would be a good idea to select a coin grading company to have your coin graded. The grade affects a coins value tremendously. (go to a coin grading website for information on how to get your coin graded.)

4. If your certain you've found a rare coin, you know it's worth hundreds or even thousands of dollar and you proceed with having it graded, go back to sold listings on eBay and see what similar coins have sold for with the same grade. Then you will have an idea what the value of your coin is in the current market.

5. Now it's time to sell your coin(s). You call sell your coins on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Offer Up or even to a coin dealer. I recommend selling your coin online so you get the most for it. If you do not know how to sell on these platforms, watch a short video on YouTube about how to sell an item on eBay or Facebook, etc.

I really hope this helps!

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