Are BAD condition coins worth money?

Ever wonder why certain coins are worth money? Here are some reasons why your coins could be valuable.

1. All silver and gold coins are going to be at least worth their melt value. This fluctuates based on the current price of silver and gold. Those coins can also be worth a lot more than their melt value because of their Numismatics value. Let me explain below..

2. Low mintage coins are also worth money. These are coins they didn't produce many of in comparison to other coins. For an example the 1909 S V.D.B. can sell for a lot of money even if the condition of the coin is horrible. That is because they did not make many of those coins.

3. Mint error coins are valuable as well. Some errors and varieties can be common and are not valuable, however others can sell for thousands of dollars. We talk about different types of error coins to look for and their values on the Couch Collectibles YouTube channel. 

Watch the video below to see bad condition coins that are valuable. 

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